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Hemp extract pain patches represent the latest in drug delivery science. While transdermal patches have been popularly used for everything from nicotine delivery for quitting smoking to hormone replacement, hemp extract pain patches are truly one of the most unique, useful, and effective ways to treat pain. They’re quick: sending hemp extract right to work by allowing it to engage the CB1 and CB2 receptors directly in the skin and bypassing the need to be processed by the liver. Plus, unlike other delivery methods, which need frequent re-application, pain patches allow people to receive hemp therapy for hours at a time without having to think about it.

Hemp extract pain patches are super easy too. All you have to do is place the patch on a thin-skinned area such as the wrist, or specific areas like low back to target localized issues, and then go about your daily life. It’s as simple as that! The pain patch will then release inflammation and pain-fighting hemp extract to provide all-day (or even overnight) therapy.

Pure Botanika pain patches typically last 96+ hours

What Makes Hemp Extract Pain Patches So Awesome:

Consistency is King

Hemp extract pain patches provide consistent time-released delivery for the entire time the patch stays on the skin (up to four days in some cases). This kind of consistency is key in order for the anti-inflammatory cannabinoids to build up in the system and have maximum effect.


So Predictable

Skin delivery means the hemp extract’s cannabinoids don’t have to be broken down by the liver like they do with ingestibles like tinctures, which can be slow and lead to unpredictable absorption. This makes a patch a dependable tool for healthcare practitioners concerned with finding the right dosage for their individual patient’s needs.


Acts Quickly

Effects of a transdermal pain patch can be felt within minutes because the hemp extract in them gets to work right away once it encounters the CB1 & CB2 receptors in the skin. It can then go into the tissue and bloodstream and begin to provide deeper, more systemic relief.


Just Your Size

Hemp extract is ideal for skin absorption because the cannabinoid molecule is small enough to enter the skin quite easily, unlike other active agents that may be too big. Pure Botanika formulates these cannabidiol molecules with just the right formulation for maximum absorption into the system and with a whopping 60 mg per patch, you get more of what you need with every patch.


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